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Both Rough and Smooth collies are descended from a localised variety of herding dog originating in Scotland and Wales. The Scottish variety was a large, strong, aggressive dog, bred to herd highland sheep. The Welsh variety was small and nimble, domesticated and friendly, and also herded goats. When the English saw these dogs at the Birmingham market, they interbred them with their own variety of sheepdogs, producing a mixture of short- and long-haired varieties. After the industrial revolution, dog ownership became fashionable, and these early collies were believed to have been crossed with the Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) to get a more "noble" head (longer muzzle), which is today one of the true characteristics of the Rough Collie. It is not known conclusively if the Borzoi cross made it into the mainstream of the breed.

When Queen Victoria acquired a Rough Collie, after seeing one at Balmoral Castle, they were transformed into something of a fashion item. Continued breeding for show purposes drastically changed the appearance of the dogs; in the 1960s, it was a much taller dog than it is today (in the UK; in the US, the size standard has not been revised downward and dogs have remained between 24-26"). Earlier dogs were also more sturdy in build and reportedly capable of covering up to 100 miles in one day. In the UK the Rough Collie is no longer used for serious herding, having been replaced by the Border Collie, though in the United States and a number of European countries, there has been a resurgence in the use of the Collie as a working and performance dog. The Collie Club of America is one of the oldest breed-specific clubs in existence in the United States (founded in 1886). The Collie Club in England dates from 1881

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Koenigplatz Kennels recently aquired a new male collie. His name is Zephyr. We got Zephyr from the same breeder as Daisy just over two years ago - Highcroft Collies, a breeder in Minnesota.  My wife was raised by a collie and always wanted collies. Click the link to see more details of Zephyr


Daisy is our collie bitch. We got Daisy just over a year ago from Highcroft Collies, a breeder in Minnesota.  My wife was raised by a collie and always wanted another collie. Daisy has great temperment and the love of my wife. Click the link to see more details of Daisy.

Champion Ribbons


We do not have any conformance champions, but Zephyr is well on his way to become a champion.  He has two Best of Breed titles to date.  Daisy already has her trick dog title. We will be working on a a couple more of AKC performance titles with Daisy.  The main focus with Daisy will be as a Therapy Dog. We will also be training Daisy for Rally and scent work. Keep watching this space as we will give you updates on our Collie champions.


We are not expecting any collie puppies at this time. Koenigplatz Kennels can direct you to other collie breeders in the area. We will let you know if our plans change on collie puppies.