Koenigplatz Kennel - Champions

At Koenigplatz Kennels, we try to breed and produce all-around dogs.  This means our dogs are just not focused on conformance.  Our dogs doa  varity of activities including being Canine Good Citzens, Therapy Dogs, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Rally, and Agility.  Below you will find the achievements of our champion dogs.

Koenigplatz Kennel - Desmond

Rhodesian Roadblock

Desmond has been an accomlished show dog the past three years. Recently, Desmond was awarded SELECT DOG at the recent 2017 RRCUS National show. Thank you, Judge, William “Bill” Shelton for bestowing Desmond with SELECT DOG. The SELECT award is a capstone to wonderful show career for Desmond.

Here is a list of his accomplishments in the show ring.

  • AKC GOLD Grand Champion
  • SELECT DOG 2017 RRCUS National Show
  • Best of Breed 2014 Eukanuba AKC National Show
  • Award of Merit 2015 Eukanuba AKC National Show
  • BEST IN SHOW IABCA Show March 2017
  • Reserve BEST VETERAN IN SHOW IABCA Show June 2018
  • 2015 Top 25 Rhodesian Ridgeback - #17
  • 2016 Top 25 Rhodesian Ridgeback - #18
  • Group 1 Hound Group
  • Group 1 Owner-Handler Hound Group
  • Multiple Group Placements Hound Group
  • Multiple Group Placements Owner Handler Hound Group
  • Multiple Best of Breed Awards

Desmond is also doing some other field activities like Lure Coursing, FAST CATs, tracking, and scent work.

Koenigplatz Kennel - Lucy

Lucy Ashville

Lucy is our next genration Rhodesian Ridgeback show dog.  She is currently showing on a limited basis with her handler Daniel Martin.  She has done quite well in her first couple of weeks out in the show ring.  She just recently received her AKC Championship Title in Conformance. 

Like Desmond, Lucy will  also doing some other field activities like Lure Coursing, FAST CATs, tracking, and scent work.

Koenigplatz Kennels - Landry

Rhodesian Roadblock

Landry is our 11 year old Lhasa Apso.  He recentlly received his novice Trick Dog title.  While Landry did not complete in the show rings, he has excelled as a Therpy Dog and making people feel good. Landry  can sometimes be seen in the Atlanta Airport traveling with my wife.

If you are looking for a Therapy Dog in the NC TRIAD area, please contact us.

Koenigplatz Kennel - Daisy

Rhodesian Roadblock

Daisy is our blue merle collie.  Daisy excells in the performance arena.  Right now, Daisy is focused on Rally and becoming a Therpy Dog.  To that end, Daisy has achieved her first leg in her Novice Rally title.  She has also recently become a Canine Good Citzen and has her Trick Dog Novice title.

We will be focusing Daisy on her Therapy Dog certficaiton and obtaining titles in Novice Rally and Novice Obedence.

Koenigplatz Kennel - Zephyr

Rhodesian Roadblock

Zephyr is the newest addition to the Koenigplatz Kennel family.  He comes to us from the same breeder as Daisy, Highcroft Collies.  Zephyr seems to excells in the conformance ring.  At 15 WEEKS OLD, Zephyr won Reserve Best Puppy in Show at a IABCA show.  Right now, Zephyr is focused on being a puppy.  We are hoping to see great things form him come early next year.



Here is a link to the Ridgeback dogs of Koenigplatz Kennel. Our feature dog is Desmond, GGCh Juba Lee Desmond King of Diamonds. Desmond is retired from the show circuit, but available as a stud dog.  A new additon is Zephyr.  He is a 4 month old collie and just starting his show career.


Here is a link to the bitch of Koenigplatz Kennel which nclude Lucy and Daisy. Our feature bitch is Lucy, Shabani Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Lucy is only 10 months old and are expeccting great things from her.


Here is a link to Champion Ridgeback dogs of Koenigplatz Kennel. Desmond, GGCh Juba Lee Desmond King of Diamonds, is the real Champion. Desmond recently retired from the show circuit, after being the SELECT DOG at the 2017 RCCUS National show.


We do have any puppies available at this point and time. However, Desmond has produced three litters of puppies. The first litter was whelped in Denmark. The second and third litter was whelped in Texas. For more details on puppies, check on the link to when we might have puppies available.