Koenigplatz Kennel - Our Collies Champions

Currrenly, Daisy is our only collie.  She is not meant for the show ring.  Yet Daisy does excel in the performance ring.  Daisy has the following titles or progress towards titles:

  • Trick Dog Novice
  • Canine Good Citzen
  • First Leg towards Novice Rally

Daisy will also be working towards her Therapy Dog Title and certfication.  We think Daisy will be an excellent Therapy Dog.  Watch this space to track her progress.

Collie Dogs


Koenigplatz Kennels do not have any collie dogs at this point and time. We do not have any plans at this point and time to seek a male collie. We can direct you to other collie breeders in the area.

Collie Bitches


Daisy is our collie bitch. We got Daisy just over a year ago from Highcroft Collies, a breeder in Minnesota. My wife was raised by a collie and always wanted another collie. Daisy has great temperment and the love of my wife. Click the link to see more details of Daisy.

Collie Champions


We do not have any conformance champions, but Daisy already has her trick dog title. We will be working on a a couple of AKC with Daisy. The main focus with Daisy will be as a Therapy Dog. We will also be training Daisy for Rally and scent work. Keep watching this space as we will give you updates on our Collie champions.


We are not expecting any collie puppies at this time. Koenigplatz Kennels can direct you to other collie breeders in the area. We will let you know if our plans change on collie puppies.